The Methodist Episcopal Church founded in the USA in 1784 was officially established in this country with the organization of the first local church in Carriedo St., Sta. Cruz, Manila on March 5, 1899. The merger of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist Protestant Church, and Methodist Episcopal Church South was known since 1939 as The Methodist Church. The subsequent merger of The Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren Church was known since 1968 as The United Methodist Church. There were Missions, Districts, Conferences, and their agencies that were organized in between the years that the predecessor churches were known in this country since 1899.

The PHILIPPINES CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH organized in its first session of February 29 – March 2, 1940 and is the legal successor to all mission works and ministries, ecumenical relationships, properties both real and personal, bequests and trusts of its predecessor churches or of its constituent conferences, missions, agencies, local congregations and trustees including those in the name of the predecessor churches of The United Methodist Church here in the Philippines for which the Central Conference holds any and/or all properties, monies and accounts, and titles in trust for such, including such as those representing or bearing the names of the former Philippine Methodist Mission, The Methodist Episcopal Church, The Methodist Church or the bodies/organizations created by them.

The PCC-UMC is divided into three episcopal areas: Manila, Baguio and Davao. Manila Episcopal Area, which is presided over by Bishop Rodolfo A. Juan, comprises 11 annual conferences. Bishop Pedro M. Torio, resident bishop of the Baguio Episcopal Area, supervises 8 annual conferences. Davao Episcopal Area has 5 annual conferences led by Bishop Ciriaco Q. Francisco.